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Our Brand Expertise


At a Glance

Kirby Roberts and Company is a refreshing firm of effective advisors who work daily to lead growing companies toward a bright new future by helping them attract and keep top skilled professionals.


Our niche includes identifying the very best in quality and personality for the following career experts:


  • Finance & Accounting Professionals

  • Engineers

  • Sales Professionals


Kirby, Roberts and Company's business consultants help small to medium sized businesses market their brand and attract new businesses quarter over quarter. Our consulting niche includes:


  • Healthcare

  • Pharmaceutical/Biotech

  • Private equity firms


It is a unique combination of building the right people and thriving businesses for a bright new future.

              Kirby Roberts & Co.


  • Founded in 2013 by two Savvy Business Development Leaders-Stephanie Kirby & Takiyah Roberts


  • Headquartered in Houston, TX


  • Satelllte Office: DC, MD, VA area


  • Expertise include Recruiting & Staffing,Business Development & Marketing, Business Planning, and Project Management.

Top Businesses we help grow




Small Business

2449 South Blvd, Suite 109 Houston, TX 77098

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